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    We can develop or update your web site, making that the design and contents will adapt your business needs in order to help you to reach your clients in a totally efficient way. We guarantee the highest quality and security in our products. You can also trust in our tight investment costs, which allows us to offer you the most suitable budget.

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    Open source platforms, like WordPress are the perfect option if you need a dynamic site, in which you can manage your contents in a self-sufficient, easy and immediate way. We provide personal advising so you will be able to carry out these functions or, if you prefer so, we can be responsable for managing your project.

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    As self-contained sites or as complement to other platforms, blogging is a really simple and inexpensive system to make yourself known on the Internet. Your personal or professional blog with everything necessary to start talking to the world.

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    Either if you own a physical business or not, nowadays it is indispensable that your company is on the web. In RedCuadrada we are experts in the most spreading Open Source platform, PrestaShop. We develop a product that will allow you easily manage your business, in a completely reliable way, which also has a very high degree of compatibility with all environments.











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    We can advise you on the best option for your web hosting and maintenance. We can also process it for you, so you won’t have to worry at all.Let us take charge of it!

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    Integrate the right tools into your site in order to be always in contact with your customers (newsletters, social media, …). Position your business and keep ahead of the competition!


    We look for your involvement in the project in order to control your product operation. You will be able to make the most of your new business tool.


    We compromise on guarantee an effective final product, which will show the latest requirements and trends. We will keep in touch with you after the delivery to make sure of your total satisfaction.

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    Online Marketing

    Get closer to your custormers in a different way and connect with them using the perfect strategy that will help you get your objectives.

    In RedCuadrada we know where you want to be, the audience you must talk to and how you should do it. We will study your case in an exclusive way and we will design an specific social media plan for your brand.

    We can also manage your social accounts and monitor the results for you. Just verify the effects of your campaign.

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    How to improve productivity

    25 November, 2015
    Have you ever thought that you don’t make the most of your time?  Somedays you end your work day thinking that it ends even worse than when it started? Do you think everyday that you should stop and think in a plan to organize your work but you are too busy so you never have time for that? This is a very common situation, specially on freelancers who work from home and have lots of distractions and interruptions which normally don’t know how to face. Apart from unexpected situations that might come up along the day, like unpredicted meetings or a problem that could block us, it is possible to improve a lot the result of the formula for the time we spend in our work between the progress we make. In this post we let you some rules that will help you to take control of your day and increase your productivity. Previous analysis of your work There is no option. You must start studying what you spend your time in. You can try to note the tasks you do for a certain time (for example, one week). This will help you to visualize and analyze your work day in detail. For sure, even though you think you have everything under control, you will be surprised by the results. Define the time you spend on: Talking to your colleagues or dealers Checking e-mail Studying the news of your business sector and social media Attending to phone calls from your clients Dealing with interruptions which don’t have anything to do with your work Definitively, any issue that, although indispensable, won’t correspond to a merely productive function. Effective planning of your time It is the time to plan and prioritize the tasks you have to do. You just have to dedicate 5-10 minutes at the end of the day to analyze the tasks you should do during the following work day. Note them and mark the really important ones. Those which, therefore, you will do in the first place and that, in spite of all the unexpected events which might come up, you can’t miss. An extra planning at the end of the week with the indispensable tasks for the following week is something which should be into your work routine. Neither forget having in mind those tasks that are not so important, because they are not so urgent or they don’t have a direct impact on the client. Cleaning email inbox, filing invoices, making maintenance calls of certain services, … You can have them listed apart so you can review them when you are awaiting a phone call or when an automatic process keeps you paused. Another option is distributing them among the week days and, to the extent possible, dedicate half an hour or your own estimated time so they don’t become a big problem. Keep in mind that, if you forget about them during a long period of time, they will ruin your daily work and it won’t

    Firefox arrives to iOS

    15 November, 2015
    Mozilla has kept us on tenterhooks the last years about the creation or not of a Firefox for iOS version. Promises, denials and rumors that finally have culminated in the arrival of one of the favourites browsers of Internet users to Apple mobile devices. In a world controlled by Safari and Chrome, Firefox comes with a series of quite interesting features which might help it to strongly break through: Sync function, that lets you synchronize bookmarks, add-ons, browsing history and other site information across multiple devices. Easy, visual and intuitive tabs navigation system. Private browsing, which prevents companies from tracking your browsing history or cookies, and tools for quickly deleting private data. Possibility of adding, removing and changing your default search engine. Firefox is available for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with iOS 8.2 or later.      

    Graphic design artists (II): Milton Glaser

    9 July, 2015
    Milton Glaser is one of the mosts prolific and renowned american illustrators and graphic designers. Born in the Bronx, New York, on June 26th 1929, Glaser is the author of genuine american design icons, like his famous Bob Dylan poster, which became a ’60s symbol, or his I love New York, considered the most imitated logo of history and which turned into the symbol of the city that saw him born.   He studied in the Manhattan’s High School of Music & Art in New York, in the Cooper Union Art School and in the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna under Giorgio Morandi. In the professional area, in 1954, he created Push Pin Studios along with Seymour Chwast. In 1968, Milton Glaser and Clay Felker founded the New York Magazine. He was its president and design director until 1977. From 1974 he settled in his own studio, Milton Glaser, Inc. and in 1983 he teamed with Walter Bernard to form and manage the design studio WBMG. He has been working in editorial design, for publications suchs as Paris Macht, L’Express, Esquire and La Vanguardia.     In the corporative design field, he is responsible for many logos, such as the one for DC Comics (1976; Glaser’s design is known as DC Bullet) or Brooklyn Brewery (1987). He was also the creator of a whole campaign for the Grand Union supermarkets’ glogal corporate image renewal (1978).     He has designed more than 300 posters made to promote products or events in the world of music, theatre, cinema and television, just like representing public and institutional services.   From left to right and top to bottom: 10th Montreal International Jazz Festival, 1976 · Original ad for the Sony audio tape, 1981 · Commemorative poster for Vespa 50th anniversary, 1995 · Poster for the last season of TV series Mad Men, 2014   He is also the author of some typographies, most of them used for decorative purposes.   Glaser Stencil typography, 1970   Apart from his temporary exhibitions in art centers all around the world, his permanent collections can be visited in the MoMA museum in New York, in the Israel Museum in Jerusalem, in the Smithsonian‘s National Archives in Washington DC and in the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York. On February 25th 2010, Milton Glaser received the National Medal of Arts from president Barack Obama. He was the first graphic designer in history to receive this award.   Original sketch of the I love New York famous logo, 1976. MoMA, Nueva York

    Color psychology applied to graphic design

    28 May, 2015
    Color psychology is the study of the influence of color on the feelings of a person, and the capacity it has to cause different reactions and emotions on us. The colors chosen on marketing, sales strategies, publicity and, of course, logos and corporative images, are not pure coincidence. That is why it is indispensable to understand color psychology when working on graphic design or web development. This will help us to create color palettes which will recall on our public the reactions we want, and we will use it as a subliminal language depending on the audience we want to reach with our message. Roughly speaking, we could say that warm colors are stimulating and cheerful, and cool colors tend to produce calm and quietness. But color psychology is much more complex, and a same color, depending on its intensity or purity, could transmit very different emotions. Next, we are going to do a general review through some of the tones of the principal colors, the feelings they instill on the human being and the interesting effect they can have on your public.   Black The darkest of them all is defined as the absence of colors and it can be a synonymous for mistey or fear. However, appart from its negative connotations, in the design field it uses to recall feelings of power, elegance, modernity, strenght and prestige. It is a conservative color, normally used for defining luxury, sophistication and seriousness.   White On the contrary to black, this color imposes an image of brightness, cleanliness and simplicity. It can evoke perceptions of innocence, perfection, purity, neutrality, lightness, positivity, honesty, tidiness or silence. A shade of white, color ivory, besides the previously said, offers us an extra of warmth, comfort and softness.   Grey It is one of the most conservative colors and it brings, specially, feelings of naturalness and calm. A neutral grey capture the idea of sobriety, practicality, peacefulness, … A dark grey, similar to the black color, recalls sensations of strenght, robustness, sophistication, elegance and soundness. Brownish grey offers images of neutrality, quality, commitment or discretion. Its brightest variety, silver, express, on one hand, the idea of coldness and strength and, on the other hand, it can represent elegance, trendiness, smartness and style.   Blue Despite it is a cool color, it is used to give an image of reliability, confidence, security, harmony and intelligence. That is why it is oftenly used, specially in light tones, on big companies and banking entities’ logos and websites designs. Dark blue denotes feelings of credibility, depth and strength. Bright blues provide energy and vigor, contrary to the light ones, which make us feel calm, serenity, confidence and liberty. Turquoise blue, besides all that, adds a touch of freshness.   Green It is the color of hope and nature par excellence and it transmimt feelings of stability and balance. Dark greens bring to our designs impressions of confidence, positivism, freshness and success. A bright green transfers ideas of life, strength,